Daily Log

My new security camera

I spent the day today installing a brand new 4K IP camera from Amcrest. My goal was to have information on who is at the door and a history of what has been going on in front of my home.

I went up in the attic and looked for a way to run some RJ-45 to the front of the house but settled on cutting and crimping some cheap UV resistant CAT-5e around the outside of the house. The area I want to run cable to would mean I would have to go through two double brick walls as my desired location is in an addition to my 1940s home. I settled running along the outside because running the cable in the attic would take way too much time and effort in a crawl space with only sheet rock as support.

I got a cheap switch from TP-Link that is POE to power the IP camera and it is also managed! So far I’ve been impressed. My only regret is that I should have purchased this TL-SG108PE for every project as I can do link aggregation, VLAN tagging, and various other enterprisey features for the low price of 50-60 bucks.