Hi, I'm John McGonegal, a guy who enjoys thinking about, learning about, and creating software for the web. I live in Tucson, Arizona.

My day job is working on the backend with PHP, automating content conversion with C# + XSLT, and updating corporate training web portals using HTML and JavaScript. I tinker with a multitude of new technologies in my spare time, such as HTML5, Erlang, and F#.

I have many interests and they are sometimes things where my enthusiasm may not match my skill or experience. These include:

Despite making my living largely working with Microsoft products, I am an avid Linux user, administrator and open source proponent. Apache, CakePHP and MySQL are serving the very page you're reading.

Here are some links to various things related to me:

Here are some projects on my GitHub account:

A helper for converting XML using XSLT in C#
My work on Project Euler

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